Schenectady senior class of 2022

Leaders from SUNY Schenectady and the Schenectady City School District held a celebratory assembly at Schenectady High School in March 2022 to announce that all members of the Class of 2022 are being granted Early Instant Admission to SUNY Schenectady in the fall.

 Approximately 400 students were presented with acceptance letters to SUNY Schenectady and next steps so they can begin planning for college entry.

The commitment between the school district and the College, otherwise known as "The Schenectady Promise,” serves to ensure that every student has access and opportunity to attend college including those who might not otherwise be considering college as an option due to a variety of reasons. As such, the promise to provide a pipeline and make college accessible to every student serves to address the college opportunity gap for underserved students.