Meet the 2022-2023 Board of Education

The Schenectady Board of Education is made up of seven unsalaried citizens elected to serve a three-year term. This page includes Board of Education Members' contact information.  

Board of Education

Bernice Rivera

Bernice Rivera


Bernice Rivera was elected to a second term on the board of education in 2020.  Her current term runs through 2023.

Ms. Rivera is a member of the Audit Committee, Safety Committee and BOE Handbook Ad hoc Committee. She is also a NYS School Boards Association (NYSSBA) Voting Member and a member of the Teacher Center Policy Board.

Ms. Rivera is liaison to Yates Elementary School, Mont Pleasant Middle School and Steinmetz Career and Leadership Academy (SCLA).

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Nohelani Etienne

Nohelani Etienne

Vice President

Nohelani Etienne was elected to the board of education in 2020.  Her current term runs through June 2023.

Ms. Etienne is a member of the Policy Committee, Teacher Center Policy Board, and School Counseling Advisory Committee. .

Ms. Etienne is liaison to Keane Elementary School, Central Park Middle School and Schenectady High School.

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Erica Brockmyer

Erica Brockmyer

Ms. Brockmyer has been a board member since 2021. 

Her current term runs 2021-2024.

Ms. Brockmyer is a member of the Safety Committee and BOE Handbook Ad hoc Committee.

Ms. Brockmyer is liaison to Hamilton Elementary School and Pleasant Valley Elementary School.

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Princella Learry

Princella Learry

Princella Learry was elected to the board of education in 2020.  Her current term runs through June 2023.

Ms. Learry is a member of the Audit Committee and Policy Committee.

Ms. Learry is liaison to Howe Elementary School and Washington Irving.

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Cathy Lewis

Cathy Lewis

Mrs. Lewis has been a board member since 2010.  She served as board president from 2010-2022.   Her current term runs 2022-2025.

Mrs. Lewis is a member of the Audit Committee and BOE Handbook Ad hoc Committee. She is also a NYSBBA Legislative Liaison.

Mrs. Lewis is liaison to Zoller Elementary School and Oneida Middle School.

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Jamaica Miles

Jamaica Miles

Ms. Miles has been a board member since 2021. 

Her current term runs 2021-2024.

Ms. Miles is a member of the Wellness Committee.

Ms. Miles is liaison to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School and Woodlawn Elementary School.

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Vivian Parsons

Vivian Parsons

Ms. Parsons was elected to her first term in 2022-2023

Her current term runs 2022-2025.

Ms. Parsons is a member of the Policy Committee.

Ms. Parsons is liaison to Paige Elementary School and Van Corlaer Elementary School.

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Contacting the Board of Education

Correspondence to the members of the board of education can also be directed to the clerk of the board as follows:

Let's Talk:   Contact the Clerk of the Board 

Martha Morris, Clerk of the Board
Schenectady City School District
108 Education Dr.
Schenectady, NY  12303

518-370-8100 Ext. 40105

Committee Membership and School Liaisons

The Board of Education maintains an Audit Committee and Policy Committee to meet its legal and fiduciary obligations. Board members also serve as representatives on various district committees and as liaisons to schools to enhance two-way communications and strengthen the connection between the governance of the district, families and community organizations.

2022-2023 Board of Education School Liaisons



Erica Brockmyer

Hamilton Elementary School
Pleasant Valley Elementary School

Nohelani Etienne

Keane Elementary School
Central Park Middle School
Schenectady High School

Princella Learry

Howe Elementary School
Washington Irving Adult & Continuing Education Center

Cathy Lewis

Zoller Elementary School
Oneida Middle School

Jamaica Miles

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
Woodlawn Elementary School

Vivian Parsons

Paige Elementary School
Van Corlaer Elementary School

Bernice Rivera

Yates Elementary School
Mont Pleasant Middle School
Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy

Audit Committee

The audit committee oversees and reports to the board on the annual audit of the district records as required by section 2116-C of Education Law. The role of the audit committee is advisory and any recommendations it provides to the board does not substitute for any required review and acceptance by the board of education. The annual audit report is prepared by an independent public accounting firm, reviewed by the audit committee, but not deemed final until accepted by the resolution adopted by the board of education. As pasted from regulation, it is the responsibility of the audit committee to:

(a)  provide recommendations regarding the appointment of the external auditor for the district;

(b) meet with the external auditor prior to commencement of the audit;

(c) review and discuss with the external auditor any risk assessment of the district's fiscal operations developed as part of the auditor's responsibilities under governmental auditing standards for a financial statement audit and federal single audit standards if applicable;

(d) receive and review the draft annual audit report and accompanying draft management letter and, working directly with the external auditor, assist the trustees or board of education in interpreting such documents;

(e) make a recommendation to the trustees or board of education on accepting the annual audit report; and

(f) review every corrective action plan to be developed by a school district as required by section twenty-one hundred sixteen-a of this article and assist the trustees or board of education in the implementation of such plan.


Policy Committee

The policy committee works with district administrators to review existing district policies and to propose new policies as needed. The role of the Policy Committee is to:

(a) Oversee the review of policies adopted by the School Board, and ensure they are in accordance with federal and state mandates;

(b) Establish priorities in policy review and adoption, in consultation with the Superintendent and the administration; Set goals and schedules for policy review and adoption;

(c) Evaluate suggestions for School Board policy and recommend development of policies for adoption.


District-wide School Safety

The district-wide school safety team develops the comprehensive district-wide school safety plan. Members include representatives from the BOE, students, teachers, administrators, parent organizations, school safety personnel and other school personnel. Health and safety committees are required under Part 155.4(d) and its main purpose is to adopt and amend a comprehensive district-wide school safety plan.

Wellness Committee

 A school wellness committee is an action-oriented advisory group that focuses on the health and well-being of students, staff, and families in a school community. The school wellness committee implements the district wellness policy and leads other health-related initiatives. School wellness committees may also:

• Monitor and evaluate the implementation of district health and wellness policies and programs

• Advise the school board or district on related school or community health issues

• Organize health-promoting programs or events in the district or community.

BOE Handbook Ad hoc or Task Force Committee (New!)

This committee will meet approximately 4 to 5 times to update, revise and complete the BOE handbook. The committee, if necessary, may decide to add additional dates if more time is needed to complete the handbook.