How to run for a seat on the Board of Education

The next board election is May 16, 2023.

Three seats are up for election on May 16, 2023. Each seat is for a three-year term.

In order to get on the ballot, a person must: 

  • Reside in the school district for at least one year immediately preceding the election.

  • Be a qualified voter of the district.

  • Not be an employee of the Schenectady City School District.

  • Present at least 100 legible signatures. Affidavit and Petition

Please read page 3 of this document for Education Laws that outline qualifications.

Running for School Board
What all prospective school board members should know

Petitions must be filed by April 26, 2023. Affidavit and Petition

If you have questions, please contact the clerk of the board, Martha Morris, at 518-370-8100 Ext. 40105 or by email