Superintendent's Brief


Good afternoon,

It was such a joy to welcome students and their families back to school this week. I visited schools and had the pleasure of greeting students on their first days back. It was great to see smiling faces and so much excitement. Many students said they were excited to see their friends and make new ones, get to know their teachers and some said they are excited to learn. Those words are music to my ears.

We also had the great honor of hosting New York State Commissioner of Education Dr. Betty Rosa and Regent Roger Catania on Wednesday. Out of nearly 800 schools in New York State, they chose to visit our district on the first day.

Dr. Rosa began the day at Pleasant Valley Elementary School where she welcomed Pre-K students to their first day of school ever. She also met with 5th graders and asked them what they were thinking about upon their return to the new school year. Dr. Rosa then stopped over to Schenectady High School to meet students and visit the brand-new Freshmen Academy.

It was a pleasure to welcome and host Dr. Rosa and Regent Catania for the morning. I'm quite certain they both enjoyed their visit and were impressed with our students.

Video of opening day with commissioner visiting

We also had some special visitors at Martin Luther King Elementary School. Thank you to Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara and Congressman Paul Tonko who both came with gifts for our students. Assemblyman Santabarbara toured the school and handed out backpacks filled with supplies. Congressman Tonko read to students, answered their questions, and donated books from the Library of Congress. We appreciate that both the assemblyman and congressman took time from their busy schedules to visit with our students on the first day of school.

First day of school at King elementary

During this first week of school, there are two new important things I would like to share. First, we have a team that has been working on a framework and draft of district grading procedures. It has been a collaborative process doing this work. It is still in working form but is in process and in movement to final form. There have been, and we continue to have, some tough conversations but our approach to grading is to ensure equity.

Below is an example of what is included in terms of an outline for how quarterly and final grades are calculated. Grades are based on achievement and not other factors. In elementary school quarterly grades will be reported as 4,3,2 or 1 as follows:


Exceeding the Grade Level Standard
Student consistently understands, applies and extends key concepts, processes, and skills. Student can legitimately say “Since I get this or can do this, I can figure out new things!”


Meeting the Grade Level Standard
Student understands and applies key concepts, processes, and skills. Student can legitimately say “I get it! I can do this well!”


Approaching the Grade Level Standard
Student is beginning to understand and apply key concepts, processes, and skills.Student can legitimately say “I almost get it but I need help."


Not Meeting the Grade Level Standard
Student has limited understanding of key concepts, processes, and essential skills. Student can legitimately say “I don’t get it yet. I need help.” “I’m not doing it.”

For students in grades 6-12, quarterly grades will be reported four times a year using the following letter grades:












An NG is given only when a student has not been able to provide enough evidence in order for the teacher to determined the grade earned by the student.

We will be sharing the document with more detail and information soon. This will include the ranges for each letter grade.

We have published a Letter Day Calendar which serves to remind students and parents what letter day schedule it is each day. The same calendar, which is a six day rotation labeled A through F, is being used across all of our schools. For example, today is a "C" schedule day across the district. This document can help parents prepare for school. A secondary student may have half-year courses or full-year courses on specific letter days. Elementary students will have a letter day schedule that includes physical education, art, music, and library.

Congratulations to CDTA manager Rich Cordero and our district transportation supervisor Al Valachovic who were presented with The New York State School Boards Association (NYSSBA) "Champions of Change" award at Wednesday evening's Board of Education meeting. The CDTA-Universal Access Program provides transit cards for 650 Schenectady High School students for transportation to school and activities, as well as, access to internships, jobs and other activities to help develop students as upstanding community members.

CDTA and SCSD Transportation Supervisor are presented with Champions of Change Banner

In closing, I hope that all of our students, parents, faculty and staff got off to a good start this week. While it's never perfect, by most accounts things have gone well over the first three days There are always things that we can work on improving, but we are committed to doing that, so please be patient. Don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or principal if you have any questions or concerns. You can always text us at 518-900-7318 or submit a question or concern in Let's Talk.

Thank you for your partnership in education. It's great to see you back.

Have a great weekend.


Anibal Soler, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools

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First Day of School

Tweet from NYS Education Department on first day of school

Tweet from Supt. Soler regarding commissioner's visit on first day of school

Welcome Back

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara stopped by to visit the MLK Lions on their first day. After touring the updates to the school, he handed out backpacks filled with supplies to students.

September Menus

Our breakfast and lunch menus are being presented in a web-based format so that they can easily be translated to any language.

All students in the Schenectady City School District receive free breakfast and lunch at school each day.

Back to School Nights

Reminder to mark your calendar for upcoming back to school nights.

Elementary School
Wednesday, September 21

Middle School
Tuesday, September 20

Schenectady High School
Thursday, September 22

Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy
Tuesday, September 27

Your child's teacher will provide your school's time and any other school- specific details.

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Sportsmanship Matters

Students, student athletes, coaches and spectators will be greeted before all home athletic events with a message of sportsmanship. Show your #PatriotPride by always being a good sport.

Tweet about sportsmanship matters

Photo of the Week

Alexis Rytel, a teacher at WIEC, welcomes back students and her favorite fall drink.

Photos of the week:  Alexis Rytel, a teacher at WIEC, welcomes students and her favorite fall drink back!

City As Our Campus

A safety team member greets students on the first day of "City As Our Campus."

Instagram:  City as Our Campus

Proctors Campus

Classes are underway at our City As Our Campus at Proctors.

Lincoln Matching Shirts

Lincoln staff wore matching shirts on the first day of school

Principal Timmis and all teachers and staff at Lincoln welcomed students back wearing matching tie dye t-shirts.

Welcoming Educators from Poland

Photo:  Schenectady City School District welcomed a group of educators from Poland to Schenectady

The Schenectady City School District recently welcomed a group of educators from Poland .  The Polish delegates, led by Holly McKenna-Director of Community Engagement with the International Center of the Capital Region (ICCR), met with Dr. Lorenda Chisolm, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning and Leah Akinleye, Assistant Director of World Languages and English as a New Language (ENL).  The delegates shared their experiences and challenges to educate Ukranian student refugees as families flee in the midst of war. Various topics were discussed such as the process for identifying and placing English Language Learners (ELLs), teaching strategies, ENL programming, state assessments, instructional resources, and professional development offered to support teachers. 

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Shop at the Athletic Web Store

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Alumni Profile

Alumni Profile:  Heather Baker

This week's featured alumni, Brian Ledbetter, is a 2005 graduate of Schenectady High School and a celebrated student athlete who currently works as the district's My Brother's Keeper Program Specialist. He credits relationships he built in Schenectady schools with inspiring him to return here for a career. "I am inspired by the many adults who showed patience with me and held high expectations of me through the years".

Check out other district alumni profiles here.


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If you are new to our district "Welcome to Schenectady!"


  • John DeFazio, Asst Prin, SHS

  • Andrea Jette, Asst Prin, Howe

Culture & Community Engagement Specialist

  • Amy Lawyer, Lincoln

School Safety Officers

  • Nicolle Anderson, SHS/SCLA

  • Marvin Curry, SHS

  • Christopher Persons, SHS

Security Monitors

  • Mitra Adjoda, MPMS

  • Jack Hill, WIEC

  • James Thomas, SCLA

Middle Managers

  • Hardai, Asst Mgr of Data & Info

Operations & Maintenance

  • Yahya Belle, Custodian, Zoller

  • Cole Pelletier, Cleaner, OMS

  • Laurie, Cleaner, Zoller

  • Chad Rogers, Cleaner, Keane

  • Billie Smith, Cleaner, SHS


  • Tameka Bryan, Yates

  • Taniyah Cherry, Van Corlaer

  • Elizabeth Osorio, King

  • Amanda Ramtahal, Zoller

  • Hillery Taveras, WIEC

Parent Liaison-Project Aide

  • Shantie Balkarran, Keane

  • Patricia Ward, Pleasant Valley


  • Sarah Appell, Paige

  • Theresa Arcuri, Speech, CPMS/SCLA

  • Jacqueline Beltran, Pleasant Valley

  • Sarah Blood, FACS, CPMS

  • Benjamin Boese, School Social Work, Lincoln

  • Lauren Bristol, School Counseling & Guidance, SHS

  • Christopher Bryan, Pleasant Valley

  • Anna Crain, Rem Rdg, MPMS

  • Eileen Deming-McNabb, Social Studies, SCLA

  • William Gathen, ELA, WIEC

  • McKenzie Golden, ELA, SHS

  • Kyle Harder, Social Studies, WIEC

  • Judith Kibrick, Rem Rdg, Zoller

  • Taylor King, Spec Ed, Pleasant Valley

  • Amanda Landy, Health, CPMS

  • Andrew Lefebvre, Spec Ed, MPMS

  • Ryan Magnell, Science, SHS

  • Teresa Mazzone, Spec Ed, CPMS

  • Christine McGlauflin, Speech, Hamilton/Van Corlaer

  • Rosanne McKee, Spec Ed, Hamilton

  • Amy Moskowitz, Social Studies, MPMS

  • Nicole O'Rourke, Woodlawn

  • Tiffany Priddle, Spec Ed, Keane

  • Lindsay Redick, Phys Ed, SHS

  • Melanie Schleicher, Spec Ed, Howe

  • Laura Stanhewicz, Speech & Hearing Handicapped

  • Tyler Weaver, Music, CPMS

  • Lindsay Weber, School Counseling & Guidance, SHS

  • Kristine Welliver, Libr Media Spec

  • Alicia Yacowenia, Paige

Teaching Assistant

  • Wendy Summers, OMS


  • Kimberly Wright, Pleasant Valley

Community Notes

26th Annual Buddy Walk
Recognize & celebrate the achievements of people who have Down syndrome. Join the Center for Disability Services for the 26th Annual Buddy Walk on September 25 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Central Park.
More here: https://www.cfdsny.org/events/capitalregionbw

School Vaccination Clinic
Ellis Family Health Center is hosting their annual Back-to- School Vaccination Clinic to help children in the community get their school vaccinations in a timely manner and during hours that are convenient for families. This will be a walk-in service so no appointment is needed. More

Acting Academy After School Program
Students in grades 6-8 are invited to participate in the Acting Academy After School Program at Proctors. Runs October 11 through May 4, Monday - Thursday from. 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. More info & to register: https://school.proctors.org/events/acting-academy/

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