Note of Congrats from Superintendent Soler

Last night, June 6,  the Board of Education held an organizational meeting to administer the oath of office, seat new members, and elect officers.   

 On behalf of Superintendent Soler, we wish to congratulate Mrs. Lewis who was re-elected and sworn in for a new term.  Congratulations to Vivian Parsons who was sworn in last night and took her seat on the Board as a new member.  Congratulations to Bernice Rivera and Nohelani Etienne who were elected by the Board of Education to serve as President and Vice President respectively.   

“I look forward to working closely with our new President and Vice President,” said Superintendent Soler.  “Also, congratulations to Cathy Lewis on being elected to serve another term.  We are pleased to welcome Ms. Parsons as a new member on the Board.”