Board of ed seeking student representatives

Application deadline is October 27, 2023!

The Schenectady City School District Board of Education is seeking students from Schenectady High School to serve as student representatives on the Board of Education. 

The student members of the Board of Education will serve as the voice of the students by providing brief reports sharing issues of importance to the student body at Board of Education meetings.

Candidates must be a current senior or junior, have strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with district and building administrators to meet with students from all buildings; identify areas of interest and concern among the student body; and present findings and recommendations to the Board of Education. 

The goal is to  have a "primary" representative, a senior, and a "secondary" representative, a junior, who would ultimately replace the senior as primary representative each school year.

Eligible students must:

1. Be a junior or senior at Schenectady High School during the 2023-2024 school year;

2. Attend board meetings (with exceptions for illness or advance notice of conflicts);

3. Be prepared to make a brief student report at BOE meetings, specifically addressing topics of importance resulting from conversations and meetings with principals and students at each SCSD school. 

Interested students are asked to fill out an application  by October 27, 2023. Applicants will participate in an interview process conducted by members of the SCSD Board of Education. 

Contact Mr. Green if you have questions 

Student BOE Application: Fill out the application